domingo 17 enero, 2021


As a young professional, I sometimes came to wonder: how come our global society can be so narrow when opening new doors to foreign and young students?, this is just a description of what happens to many youngsters around the globe.

Living in Latin America, being a colombian woman in constant struggle for my income and living (as many people of my age and backgound do) and knowing english can be as promising as a job in an outsourced call center, enough said.

But being a highly proficient english teacher in a spanish enviroment has prooved being the most evolving and let’s face it: profitable choice, for graduated students, Is it posible to get both  a TEFL certificate and a global experience for a good price?.

Young professionals often struggle with carreers vs. income

Young professionals often struggle with carreers vs. income


Im not yet  done with my problem:

Aren’t schools, parents, higher education institutions and regular TEFL institutes asking for something that sometimes we don’t have?. Ding, ding, ding!

«where is your experience?»:

It’s funny, but in reality  all young professionals  and specially teachers have to answer the same question. And some may answer with a blurry resumé of different activities, that in the end won’t give them the position.

Some others can simply show that their experience was built by a global enviroment during summers, or in different interships in companies or schools, and yet nothing is granted.

Many companies may offer internships with no income and no meaninful experience, some others can take advantage of your need and money to ask you what I call a: «mother Theresa’s miracle». Where they stablish some space and you to teach 70 children in a classroom in Butan or a really unknown nation or region ended in -tan, and oh you pay for all your expenses and materials for their benefit!.

Spain is offering a tempting scenario for young professionals with a moderate income in order to grant their TEFL certification: where besides learning, making new friends and absorbing a new and vibrat culture you get in touch with a second language, what’s to reject from that?.

Spain beyond opportnity:

Spaniards are passing by a hard economy and one of the worse crisis, well aren’t we all struggling?. Good part is that prices had also decreased allowing more and more turists to come and spend their savings in the luxurious cities, and locals are focusing their attention into freelancing and services.

Occupation and workforce is maily focused in the service sector wich reached 71% of contribution in the whole country, while industry has only  24%  and agriculture 4,2%. People between 15 and 24 years reached the highest rate of unempployment for both genders.

Let’s recap: young professionals getting certificate for TEFL in Europe in a global enviroment, Spain is offering great programs and prices for food, transportation and acomodation are very attractive. 


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